Featured Blighted Property For Sale: Rita’s Bar, Home of the Mohawk Hunters in Algiers Point

440 Newton Street in Algiers Point

Located in Algiers Point Local Historic District near the Henry “Red” Allen house, 440 Newton / 923 Nunez St was last used as “Rita’s Bar: Home of the Mohawk Hunters” many years ago. It is zoned B2 (neighborhood commercial). It is a GOLD rated building per the Historic District Landmark’s Commission rating structure and exterior renovations are subject to HDLC’s review process.

The property is located 2 blocks from Mardi Gras World. The naval base is nearby. Common Ground is building across the street.

This project is NOT a project for the novice but it certainly would be an asset to the neighborhood if renovated. You’d be our hero — especially since we renovated 414 Newton Street, the former home of Jazz Legend Henry “Red” Allen!

*NOTE: This property is NOT owned by PRC and we can not testify to the specific condition of the structure, thought we should note that the HDLC’s inspector has noted at HDLC hearings that the building is in VERY poor condition. Please contact the property owner via Craig’s List with your questions and be sure to hire a professional inspector or structural engineer supply a structural report for this building.*

To learn more about the HDLC’s jurisdiction and guidelines, visit the HDLC’s website HERE.

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